Celebrity Drop Outs

Celebrities drop out of school for a variety of reasons, whether it be work-related, family-related or for other personal reasons. Here’s a list of famous people who didn’t make the grade.

Al Pacino (actor)
Aretha Franklin (singer)
Beck (singer)
Billy Joel (singer, musician, composer)
Bo Derek (actor)
Bruce Willis (actor)
Carrie Fisher (actor, writer)
Cher (singer, actor)
Cuba Gooding, Jr. (actor)
Dean Martin (singer, actor)
Demi Moore (actor)
Drew Barrymore (actor)
Eartha Kitt (singer, actor)
Federico Fellini (director)
Garson Kanin (writer)
Gary Cooper (actor)
Gene Hackman (actor)
George Carlin (comedian, actor)
George Harrison (singer, musician)
Jackie Gleason (comedian, actor)
Jim Carrey (comedian, actor)
Joe Pesci (actor, comedian)
John Travolta (actor)
Johnny Depp (actor)
Keanu Reeves (actor)
Lawrence Welk (bandleader, musician)
Lee Marvin (actor)
Lena Horne (singer, actor)
Loretta Lynn (singer)
Lucille Ball (comedienne, actor)
Marilyn Monroe (actor)
Michael Caine (actor)
Olivia Newton-John (singer, actor)
Paula Poundstone (comedienne)
Peter Bogdanovich (director)
Peter O’Toole (actor)
Peter Ustinov (actor)
Redd Foxx (comedian, actor)
Robert Blake (actor)
Robert Mitchum (actor)
Robert Wagner (actor)
Rod McKuen (poet)
Roger Daltrey (singer, musician)
Roseanne (comedienne, actor)
Sean Connery (actor)
Sebastian Cabot (actor)
Sophia Loren (actor)
Sylvester Stallone (actor, writer, director)
Tracey Ullman (actor, comedienne)
Tom Cruise (actor)
Tom Jones (singer)
Whoopi Goldberg (comedienne, actor)