The Dark Side: Weird Things and People

We call it the Dark Side. Did the devil make them do it?  Here are some interesting and disturbing facts about
the famous that you may or may not have known about.

The Younger the Better: they liked very young girls
Actor John Barrymore
Writer Mark Twain
Writer Fyodor Dostoyevski
Actor-comedian Charlie Chaplin – had to marry girl in order to avoid statutory rape charges
Actor Errol Flynn – charged with statutory rape
Singer Jerry Lee Lewis – married his 13-year old cousin
Writer Lewis Carroll – liked to photograph young nude girls

The Younger the Better: liked very young boys
Michael Jackson – heavy rumors abound

T.E. Lawrence – became a masochist who liked beatings
Jean Harlow – hated underwear
James Joyce – liked underwear
Fyodor Dostoyevski – liked feet
Mark Twain – liked writing obscenity
Victor Hugo – voyeur and foot fetishist, possible incest with daughter
Michael Jackson – hates germs
Joan Crawford – cleanliness fetish in her later years

Questionable Sanity:
Actress Francis Farmer – relegated to an insane asylum during the’40s and part of the ’50s
Joan Crawford – highly erratic behavior described in daughter’s book “Mommie Dearest”.
Howard Hughes – in later years, he became an ultra clean freak, ate odd combinations of food, became a nudist then a drug addict, obsessed with germs and his body.
Poet Emily Dickinson – in her 30s, she became a recluse who could barely write
Poet Dylan Thomas – his inner turmoils caused him to drink himself to death

Celebrities Who Were Stalked:
Johnny Carson – received letters and tape from man claiming Carson owed him money
Jodie Foster – John Hinckley was obsessed with her
Michael J. Fox & wife Tracy Pollan – woman threatened both with death unless Fox divorced Pollan
Michael Jackson – a former legal secretary passed herself off as Jackson’s wife
Michael Landon – mental patient Nathan Trupp killed 2 studio guards who wouldn’t let him in to see Landon
John Lennon – by Mark David Chapman who also killed Lennon
David Letterman – plagued by woman who kept breaking into his house
Madonna – stalked by Todd Lawrence who made it onto her estate grounds
Olivia Newton-John – letters from mental patient Michael Perry who escaped
Ronald Reagan – shot by John Hinckley
Teresa Saldano – stabbed by Arthur Jackson
Monica Seles – stabbed by tennis fanatic who wanted her opponent to win
Barbara Stanwyck – tormented for years by a disturbed fan

Charged with Crimes:
Actor Errol Flynn – charged with statutory rape
Actor-comedian Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle – Tried for murder and acquitted
Actor-football star O.J. Simpson – Tried for double homicide, found not guilty
Cheryl Turner (Lana Turner’s daughter) – killed Lana’s lover – jury proclaimed it justifiable homicide
Director Roman Polanski – arrested in 1977 for statutory rape